Can snakes climb up stairs or a wall?

Snakes are still a mystery to most people. The slithering creatures are enemies to most human beings. Not all snake species are dangerous, and even the most venomous of snakes are friendly at some point. Snakes are attracted to warmth. Most snakes feed on rodents, especially snakes. For this reason, it is not strange to find snakes in houses, particularly in areas known to be snake ridden like Florida, USA.

The fact that you can find a snake in the house raises the question of whether snakes can climb. It is one thing to find the serpent in the basement, but it is an entirely different affair to find the snake on the ground floor or first floor. For starters snakes are excellent climbers. Snakes that feed on rodents, such as the red rat snake, are excellent at climbing stairs antics and walls.

Stairs may prove difficult for some snakes, but if the reptile is determined it will reach its objective. The process of staircase climbing begins by the snake lifting the upper third of its body using the rest of the body as leverage. Once the top part is on the first step, it will pull the rest of the body. The procedure is repeated until it reaches its destination. But this is the process a small snake will use. Large snakes such as the rock python or the king cobra will crawl over a series of steps- they will climb the stairs a lot easier.

Walls are a different affair for snakes. Snakes do not stick on walls as is the case with most rodents, lizards and insects. Snakes that eat rodent are great at climbing walls. Walls with gaps and surfaces to grab on are easy to climb for most snakes. Brick walls and block walls are easy for snakes to climb as they are rough, and they have gaps on the interface between the mortar and the soffit of the brick or block. Note that a snake will climb a wall only when trying to reach food, they do not climb obstacles such as walls for fun.

Now that you know snakes can climb stairs and walls, the next big question is what to do if you find the snake in your house. The most logical thing to do is to call wildlife conservation authorities. But if you can also get it out by trapping it or using hooks to carry it out. Do not threaten or scare snakes, especially large or venomous snakes. If a snake feels threatened, it will fight back. The consequence of this may be an unplanned trip to the hospital.

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