The Water Moccasin Snake

The Water Moccasin snake, also known as the Agkistrodon piscivorus by its scientific name, is a snake full of venom found in the Southern and Eastern areas of the United States of America. They emerge from a species of the vipers and the adult Water Moccasins have the potential of dispensing a very lethal bite. These are the type of snakes that do not run when faced by a potential threat. What they normally do is face their ‘enemy’ and show off their fangs to intimidate whomever they are encountering. They also form a coil shape to create a perfect stance ready to fight. They usually do this when they are aggravated or think they are threatened.

The adult Water Moccasin length is usually more than ninety centimetres and they weigh about six hundred grams.

This is one snake that you do not want to have as your pet because the venom is usually very deadly. Males in rare cases become aggressive to anyone whom they feel is a threat and might bite at will. They are not docile. They are usually captured for research and for their venom which is used for medicinal purposes.

The Water Moccasin snake is considered to be an aquatic snake. This is because they are usually correlated with water bodies. These include streams, swamps, creeks and lake shores. These are the areas they inhabit. However, these snakes are not always found in aquatic areas because some have been spotted to have move for miles away from water bodies.

The Water Moccasin snake has a very distinct behaviour. When threatened, it usually vibrates its tail and throws back its head. It keeps its mouth open at all times so as to show off the white inside and the fangs. A hiss which is loud can also be heard. The common shape it takes is usually similar to the letter S.

Some scientists have described this species of snake to be Omni carnivorous. They eat birds, fish, frogs little alligators and also other snakes. But what it eats most are fish and amphibians. This is because of the water body nearness attribute it possesses.

The female water Moccasin snake gives birth to an average of 20 young Water Moccasins at a time. They usually depend on adequate conditions of environment. The food also has to be in favourable amounts. These snakes grow very fast and at three years of age a female id capable of reproducing. Mating occurs during the summer since it is warm.

The Water Moccasin is usually not aggressive unless provoked. The actions it performs when provoked are merely techniques used to scare away a predator or another organism it considers as a threat.

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