Ways to kill a snake in the yard

Not all snakes in the world are venomous. In fact, 10 per cent of all snakes in the world are venomous. They only appear in different colour which might cause fear from humans since humans always think that a coloured snake is the most dangerous. Snakes will try to escape from a human during confrontation, unless it is a rattle snake or a cobra, which like confronting any organism it comes across to protect itself. Snakes are venomous creatures. Different types of snakes around the world have venom which can be very dangerous when transferred into the human circulatory system. The snake venom can result into very disastrous conditions which might need drastic measures to cure. Therefore it is very important to get rid of a snake once you see it close to you. Trapping and relocating it might be an option but to effectively ensure that the snake will never come back to your yard, you must kill it.

There are several ways of getting rid of snakes in your yard. In this case, I mean killing them and completely eliminating the problem.

The use of traps

There are very many types of tarps that are used to capture snakes. In this case the traps are lethal. This means that they capture the snake by injuring it and eventually killing it. Sometimes it can be very hard to put bait on these traps because it is the nature of a snake to search for and kill prey. Installing bait like a dead mouse might not lure the snake into the trap. The most important thing concerning these traps is positioning them. They need to be positioned in the right places. You can place them on holes that the snakes use as entry and exit routes to and from your yard respectively.

Shoot the snake

First, have a legally acquired gun. Shooting the snake might be difficult because they are usually very evasive creatures. They are very slim and therefore come out as slim targets. But if you are an accurate shooter, take your time and aim quietly at the snake and shoot it. Try using the least ammunition as possible because you might miss a couple of shots and destroy your yard in the process.

Poisoning the snake

This might be a very difficult objective to accomplish. Poisoning the snake means poisoning its food. Rodents are the snake’s main food. Poisoning the rodents and positioning them in traps while their dead might not kill the snake since a snake usually kills its own food. But if it works, good for you.

These are the common ways in which you can kill snakes when you find them in your yard. Just make sure that you do them carefully.

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