How to Kill Chipmunks with Poison

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How To Kill A Chipmunk
Chipmunks are a species of small squirrels that are generally quite cute and cuddly when seen in their natural habitat, but they can become a real problem when they make their way into an urban area. These small creatures are a distinctive type of squirrel, and although they are at their best living in wooded areas where they have plenty of space to nest and feed, but they have adapted to living in urban areas. The most common conflict that many people will come across between people and chipmunks is when these animals have found their way into a roof cavity or attic, and this intrusion will often cause people to want to kill these animals.

Using Lethal Traps To Kill Chipmunks
One of the commonest ways to kill chipmunks will be by using lethal traps, and there are many different types of traps that can be used, including the traditional snap trap. Another type of trap used to kill chipmunks is by filling a barrel with water, and then covering the surface of the water with seeds, and then attracting the chipmunks to try and get to the seeds, which will lead to the chipmunks drowning as they can’t get out. These aren’t pleasant ways to kill chipmunks, and drowning is a particularly long and painful way for the chipmunks to die, and they can also trap other animals too.

Another type of trap that is sometimes used when trying to deal with chipmunks in an attic is a glue board, but this is also particularly cruel and should be avoided. It is also worth noting that some states will have laws about killing wild animals, and these should be checked before any action is taken.

Shooting Chipmunks
This is a very difficult thing to do, as chipmunks are small animals that will rarely stay still, so it will take a very talented marksman to shoot a chipmunk.

Using Poison To Kill Chipmunks
Poison is a heavy handed solution to solving any pest problem, but when dealing with chipmunks in a roof cavity or attic then this can do a lot of damage. When the chipmunks ingest poison they do not die straight away and many will find their ways into nooks and crannies in the cavity where they will then die. The carcass is not only a health hazard that could attract other animals, but as it decomposes it can also become a particularly smelly problem too.

Alternatives To Killing Chipmunks
The problem with killing chipmunks is that they live in large family groups, meaning that you will usually have to kill a reasonably large number of them in order to deal with a chipmunk infestation. In terms of maintaining your property so that chipmunks can’t get in to the attic in the first place, it is worth regularly checking the walls and roof joins around your property for small holes that need to be sealed.

The best and most economical way of solving a chipmunk infestation in your attic is to hire a professional wildlife removal expert. They will then examine the roof attic to see where the chipmunks are getting in and out, and will then block all of these exits bar one. This will mean that the chipmunks will then have to use this remaining exit to get out of the attic, which will have been installed with a one-way exit in order to ensure that the chipmunks can’t get back in. This can then be sealed which will help to ensure that the chipmunk problem doesn’t happen again which is a problem with killing the animals.

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