Are Deer Dangerous to People

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The Coexistence Of Deer And People
Some people will only think of deer as the animals that will be their prey when they go hunting, while others will see them as magnificent animals that they see in a park or country estate. There are many different species of deer, and they can have a range of different colorings and many will have an exceptionally large and attractive set of antlers. There are situations in which deer and people can come into conflict, and this will often happen when wild deer begin living in an urban area, or simply wander into a garden or private property.

The Dangers Posed By Deer
Although a number of different factors can be dangerous to people, probably the most important thing is the size of deer will often leave humans as the smaller being, and there are only a few animals that will be larger than people. However, as any hunter will attest to the vast majority of deer are nervous creatures and will be very quick to flee in most situations. However, if their young are threatened they can charge and kick anyone that they see as a threat, and this is something that has happened a number of times in areas where deer are living in public parkland and are more familiar with people.

Another situation in which deer can pose a problem for people is if they are in a herd, and if they are in parkland or a country house then they can often be frightened into stampeding if they are frightened or chased by a dog. Deer can also be very problematic if they are able to get on to roads, and there are thousands of deer and some human fatalities every year because of road accidents. In terms of the contact that they have with people, there are very few diseases that can be passed from deer to people.

Domesticated And Pet Deer
One of the rarest things that can happen is for deer to be treated as a domestic pet, and this will only really happen if a deer has either been orphaned or it has been hand reared. Many varieties of deer will simply be too big to live as domestic pets, while some are very small. In reality, keeping a deer as a domestic pet will only be for very dedicated individuals.

The more common situation is that deer will be kept as a small herd either on a farm or in the grounds of a large property. They will usually graze in the fields and in the woodlands for the most of the year, and will then be fed and have more human contact during the winter months. These will often be managed by professionals, and there are some areas that have people to manage a herd specifically for hunting purposes. In these situations deer can often cause devastation if they are allowed near a manicured hedge or other decorative plants, as they will eat almost all of the leaves and foliage on any bushes.

There is a small trade in exotic species of deer, but it is very important to ensure that any purchase of deer as a pet is through a licensed dealer. There are many different people who have bought a pet without going through the official channels and have found that they are subsequently prosecuted because the regulations in their state prevent the keeping of wild animals that have been captured as pets.

Other Hunting Issues Between Deer And People
One of the reasons that many people will want to hunt deer will be as a food source, and venison is a type of meat that is quite popular in some quarters. There is also a lot of trophy hunting that will take place, especially the hunting of deer with an impressive rack of antlers.

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