How should you clean wild animal waste within your attic?

When your attic is invaded by wildlife, removing the animals is one of the things that help you to start repossessing the home from the animals. The nuisance animals leave a lot of damage within the attic and bio-hazard waste is also left behind. The animals can also cause damage to the structures and insulation within the attic.

Animals do all they have to within the same space and this means that after you remove wildlife from the attic successfully, there is a lot of waste that needs to be handled and this includes parasites like the mites and fleas, nesting materials, body hairs, droppings, urine and even food debris.

Rats: they leave a great mess and leave all sorts of germs that can cause germs behind

Squirrels: they will the attic with turds

Raccoons: they leave droppings that can be laden with diseases

Opossums: they leave a lot of biodegradable waste

Bat and birds: they leave droppings that can lead to Histoplasmosis which is a lung infection kind of ailment.

Insulation within the attic is also pretty useless once the animals decide to use it as bedding and for nesting. The resultant smell is also very repulsive and you may not want to stand it at all.

Decontamination of the attic

There are various methods that can be applied so as to clean animal waste within the attic. The approach that is applied greatly depends on several factors like how severe the contamination is and how long the animal has actually lived within the attic. After the animal has been removed, the greatest thing to do is to also remove any biohazard risk that has been left behind and also the smell and odor that can be very unpleasant. There are some very basic activities that should be carried out so as to sanitize the attic and make sure that it is totally clean.

It is always good to note that you can enlist the services of a professional if you have any concerns or aren’t so sure about the way to go about the whole thing.

Another thing that you need to make sure is that you or anyone carrying the remediation should be well covered in a PPE safety equipment so as to make sure no contamination via the air passages and the skin happens.

Opossums for example leave a lot of droppings in comparison to other nuisance animals. The droppings that are rather small can be vacuumed while larger ones can be handpicked. Nesting and debris from food need also to be removed and the insulation replaced. The attic needs to be fogged and then sanitized using antimicrobial sprays to deal with bacteria and fungi. Deodorizing comes last.

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